How To Get A Cat To Cough Up A Hairball

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In the long term you should encourage your cat to poop out the fur rather than cough it up. On the other hand the rest hair which is still in the cats stomach will be shaped in some forms like a sausage or a ball.

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Alternatively smear its paw with some hairball paste which you can buy from a pet store.

How to get a cat to cough up a hairball. To help your cat cough up a hairball give it 1 2 teaspoon of petroleum jelly since the jelly will act as a laxative to help your cat pass the hairball naturally. Many pet food manufacturers now make hairball reduction cat foods. This can be applied to your cat s paw.

Sometimes pets eject hairballs along with bile. Give your cat a specialized hairball formula cat food. After a couple of weeks cats will vomit it.

The cat will exhibit symptoms of wheezing or coughing along with vomiting. Cats that eat fermentable fiber like beet pulp and larger sized kibble find it easier to excrete fur. Regularly brushing and de shedding your cat makes sure that they do not swallow as many cat hairs as they would do without.

Cats suffering from hairballs attempt to remove the hairball orally. Very often the hair gets stuck at the back of the cat s throat during the coughing or wheezing. Balls form and when they become uncomfortable the cat vomits up the wad.

This action looks like coughing a hairball up. Strictly speaking it will not cough it up but it will help to get rid of it. Also good quality food can help in preventing the accumulation of hairballs forming in the large intestine.

To help your cat cough up a hairball you can try a hairball gel click here for the price on amazon. Put the gel around the cat s paw or lip and it will absorb the substance by licking it. To cat breeds which have long hair like persians maine coons or siamese this is more likely to happen.

These high fiber formulas are designed to improve the health of your. Then when it licks its paw it will swallow the paste and dislodge the hairball. If you think that your cat is suffering one of those symptoms the first thing you can do to save your cat s life is by giving it a hairball gel which can be purchased at a pet store.

She is expected to lick the gel off her paws and help her pass the hairball. Many cat owners think hairballs are a fact of life but you can stop these occurrences using a home remedy. Cats groom themselves meticulously so the occasional hairball is perfectly normal.

Be sure to talk to your veterinarian before trying the techniques below especially if your cat is elderly or dealing with a chronic illness. There are good brushes available for this job. If your cat is coughing up a furball it needs peace quiet and water.

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