How To Get A Dui Off Your Record In Illinois

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Contact a lawyer about your illinois dui when you ve been accused of a dui it can be tough to overcome your criminal record. If you and or your attorney determine that you meet your state s requirements to expunge a dui conviction from your criminal record there are a few ways to request this.

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Six months in jail if the defendant.

How to get a dui off your record in illinois. Although you can t expunge a dui conviction you can help yourself by earning a certificate of good conduct or a certificate of relief from disability. Step 1 hire an attorney who is experienced with dui law and who has handled expungement cases similar to yours in the past. In general there are two ways to get an arrest off your illinois record sealing and expungement.

A governor s pardon the only way to expunge a dui conviction from your record in the state of illinois is through a governor s pardon. To remove a dui from your driving record you will have to be proactive and prove to the court why the drunken driving conviction should be expunged. The office of the state appellate defender is partnering with the access to justice commission to prepare and distribute legally correct and user friendly forms for.

A first dui conviction is a class a misdemeanor in illinois. A maximum sentence of 364 days in jail and. 2 in the state of illinois the only way to expunge a dui conviction from your record is getting a governor s pardon.

It may be possible to remove the offense from your criminal history through either an expungement or record sealing. Illinois law can be tricky to navigate by yourself if you re trying to manage a harmful dui arrest record. Sealing a record means restricting access to the documents for almost everybody who asks for it.

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