How To Get A Clownfish To Host A Coral

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This works best if you have a nem that is on a small rock or something else you can remove from the tank. Just trying to see if i could train one of my clown fish to host a coral.

How To Get Your Anemone To Host Your Clownfish Clownfish Hosting Video Clown Fish Anemone How To Get

Place the rock with the anemone into a small bowl being sure to cover it entirely with water.

How to get a clownfish to host a coral. Keep in mind it took over 9 hours to do but as crazy as it sounds it actually worked. Your newly evicted clownfish is then forced to find a new home. I do have an anemone in the tank so i m guessing it won t be long.

My clownfish are hosting my hammer coral and it s the most beautiful thing that i have ever had the pleasure of watching. Place your anemone and your clownfish together in a very confined space for a short period of time. Another trick is to attach a mirror or a photograph of a clownfish to the outside of your aquarium.

You can achieve this by adding more fish preferably larger fish if your tank can accommodate them or rearranging the aquarium rock in your aquascape.

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