How To Get A Felony Charge Expunged From Your Record

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To remove a felony from your record look into getting your record sealed or expunged. If you were convicted of a misdemeanor and you have completed your sentence if any and fulfilled the terms of your probation then you or your own attorney can request that the judge simply expunge your past misdemeanor conviction.

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You may find it difficult to get certain jobs.

How to get a felony charge expunged from your record. Once you ve determined that you re eligible file a petition with the courthouse. For example employers and landlords commonly ask job applicants and rental applicants whether they have ever been convicted of or perhaps even arrested for a criminal offense. A criminal record can create difficult downstream consequences whether the record is for having been arrested or convicted or both.

You will need to be fingerprinted and it may take several weeks for your record to arrive. The rap sheet has details that will help you determine which type of record cleaning to request. Before july 1 2013 a little bit of effort is required for arrests prior to july 1 2013.

In some states you ll receive a hearing date on which you ll meet with a judge to have your record expunged. A felony drug charge can be expunged but whether a specific charge will qualify depends on the charge punishment and state where expungement is sought. If you were sentenced to prison many states will never allow you to successfully expunge your.

Get your rap sheet. If you want to get your record sealed which means it s hidden from the general public but still exists you ll have to wait at least a few years after your conviction. Fill out and print form sp 4 170.

The record of arrest and prosection rap sheet will show your most complete criminal history on file. File a petition for expungement. Two different paths exist to accomplish this depending on your arrest dates.

In order to expunge your criminal records also known as the record restrictions process the prosecuting attorney must approve your request. Certified check or money order in the amount of 20 00 payable to. For most other crimes you are eligible to request that the court expunge your record.

Keep in mind that your record may still be accessed by the public after expungement unless you have the record sealed. The type of sentence that you received will also influence your qualification for expungement. In some cases it is possible to get an assault charge expunged from your record.

You ll have to pay a fee and you ll have to wait for the court to process your paperwork. You are no longer required to answer yes when asked if you have a criminal record or felony conviction unless you run for public office apply for a state license or intend to work for the california lottery commission. Then go to the state court or probation office to fill out the appropriate forms.

An assault charge on your record can affect many aspects of your life. Copy of government issued photo id for subject. Mail it to the central repository address as listed on the form along with the following.

Employers might not hire and landlords might not rent to people who answer. If this is an option for you this is almost always a good thing to attempt.

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