How To Get Multiple Rows From Database In Codeigniter

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There have been some blog posts asking about this on the ci forums. The first parameter for update batch is the name of the database table.

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One commonly found problem is that codeigniter doesn t have a specific function for inserting multiple rows into a database at once.

How to get multiple rows from database in codeigniter. If you like to use multiple databases in your codeigniter project then define the other database details in the application config database php file. If you found this tutorial helpful then don t forget to share. Multiple updates in mysql.

There are two mistakes in your form html code. So what you have is an array of arrays the children basically hold the data for each row in the database. Generating query results codeigniter 4 0 4 documentation you can pass in the string array if you wish to get your results as an array the object will have all values returned from the database set as this is my get post function that gets data.

We can easily return one row from database in codeigniter. If your application built with codeigniter framework it s very easy to use multiple databases. 1 you have not specified form post method so its taking by default get method and you are trying to get values using post.

But sometimes we need to use two or more database in a single site. Update multiple rows into database using codeigniter. Generally one database is used for a single web application.

Load the database and use the connection object for data manipulation. Php value how to fetch multiple data from database in codeigniter how to fetch title of an item from a database and send it to the header template in codeigniter 9. If you require to get only one record from database table using codeigniter query then you can do it using row.

It s obvious that if you need to insert over 10 rows you should really be doing it in as few queries as possible. I will give you simple example of fetch single record from database using mysql codeigniter. So there is more than one row.

2 you have set the select multiple but did not make its name as array foods.

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