How To Get Rid Of Mole Hills In The Garden

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If you have dogs let them do their business in the yard and they will help take care of things. To successfully rid your carolina yard of mole related hills ruts and burrows you must learn how to identify seasonal areas of mole activity.

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If you really want to get rid of the moles in your yard the only surefire way is to trap them.

How to get rid of mole hills in the garden. Mole hills can damage gardens lawns golf courses and even pose safety hazards. Below i ll outline the 6 best approaches you can take to get rid of moles in your yard. You can use human or animal urine.

Eliminate their food source use sound devices to drive them away. In this article the pest control specialists at carolina pest management details four government sanctioned methods for the removal of yard moles. When you see the dirt being disturbed that means your mole is.

Another way to get rid of moles in your yard is to deter them with urine. Catch moles one by one by hand. However while moles tend to make large holes like groundhogs do because they excavate soil they often don t leave the lawn.

Next try to find the actual hole a mole s diameter wide and back fill with some of the earth then brush away any remain soil from the grass. Moles make mole hills for various reasons. To make a harm free mole repelling spray combine 1 4 cup 2 oz of castor oil 1 tbsp.

These include click to jump to that section of the article. Slowly fill the mole tunnel system with water. Getting rid of moles harmlessly 1 make a natural mole repellent spray.

Follow trap directions exactly because improper placement of the trap will doom your efforts. If something has been dining on your garden goodies chances are it isn t a mole. While you can t control whether or not new moles will move in trapping lets you know for sure that you ve eliminated the ones you have.

0 5 oz of cayenne pepper and 2 tbsp. Of liquid dish detergent in a large bowl or container. However the primary reason is feeding.

You could also use your own urine and pour it onto the mole hills. During peak mound building times usually in the spring and fall stomp down the mole hills and keep watch over them. Moles voles and groundhogs are often confused with one another because they all burrow beneath the ground.

If you don t do this most dogs will head straight for the hill and dig at it furiously compounding all your problems. Keep an eye on the remainder of the tunnel system. Locate an end to one of the mole tunnels.

Why moles make mole hills. Open the tunnel and insert a hose. You can get rid of undesirable mole hills by killing moles or by using deterrent plants such as caper spurge or castor bean.

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