How To Get The Mercury Cougar In Forza Horizon 4

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These cars cannot be bought normally from the autoshow like most of the cars in the game. These cars do not appear in barn finds as well.

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How to get the mercury cougar in forza horizon 4. So now i m hoping to find some generous people who can somewhat help me get back what i ve lost. This video is unavailable. Secret cars unlock guide forza horizon 4.

We ve been through the entire car list and found every exclusive car in forza horizon 4. Our forza horizon 4 secret cars unlock guide details everything that you need to know about unlocking secret cars in forza horizon 4. It was all just gone.

Here s your complete list with details on how to unlock each car if known we will also continue to update this list as we get more information on specifics. A forza horizon 4 content leak shows a list of more than 100 cars that could be added to the open world racing game. My new save somehow overwrote my old one with 35 days and 13 hours of progress with 730 cars.

Nothing i can do to get it back. Save is gone and i ve tried everything but there s no use. The list was found by users on the gtplanet forum and shows cars including the.

Free vehicle content first seen in season. Even though forza horizon 4 has over 450 cars at launch quite a few of these are locked as exclusives to in game progression or wheelspins. The 1970 mercury cougar eliminator is a rwd muscle car by mercury that is featured in forza motorsport 4 and in all subsequent motorsport titles including forza motorsport 6.

1970 mercury cougar eliminator pi. 17 can be found as a level 24 reward item if you play the eliminator car. It is also featured in forza horizon 4 since update 17.

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