How To Get Excalibastard In Borderlands The Pre Sequel

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It is found by jumping across several cliffs at the left edge of the map as seen from the entrance before crossing the bridge leading to the refinery complex. To obtain this weapon you will need a bad.

Borderlands The Pre Sequel Excalibastard Unique Legendary Weapon Location Guide Vgfaq Borderlands Pre Video Games

Simply continue down the path until you reach a bridge.

How to get excalibastard in borderlands the pre sequel. Excalibastard variants excalibastard is a legendary railgun laser in borderlands. In order to get to excalibastard you need to head on over to triton flats and then go northeast to stanton s liver. From pre sequel subboards on redit how to pick it up.

Like borderlands 2 and its predecessor borderlands borderlands. Take a look at the map below for directions. Excalibastard is stuck in a stone at stanton s liver.

Head left of the bridge and jump along the ledges until you see the legendary weapon. The pre sequel is filled with tons of easter eggs and hidden goodies for players to puzzle out and earn themselves some mighty. Today i m going to show you where to obtain find the secret legendary weapon excalibastard.

The pre sequel manufactured by hyperion. It can only be picked up once per. Hey everyone welcome to the next episode of my legendary items guide where we will be looking at where everything drop and who you need to kill as well as.

You can pick this legendary weapon up in stanton s liver once reaching a badass rank of 2500 or higher.

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