How To Get Rid Of Pollen In Grow Room

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Thread starter mendo local. If you are growing in a tent don t be surprised to find a few stray seeds your next go around even if you clean up pretty well.

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Clean everything every where with a bleach solution.

How to get rid of pollen in grow room. Mendo local med grower. Maybe a spraybottle with a mild concentration of bleach. I can t remember the thread but someone was talking about how the fancy breeders in holland use a water curtain to secure pollen from escaping.

If you want to deactivate the pollen wash the walls with a sugar water solution let dry then rinse with plain water to remove the sugar. Start date nov 12 2009. But how long does the male pollen stick around a grow room after i finished last grow roughly 2 months ago i gave my grow cab a general wash down with just water and a cloth will this suffice or do i need to use bleach or something really do not wanna end up with seeded bud again reply.

He used sugar water to get the pollen grains to send out their tubes that they use to fertilize the ovum that will become seeds. Nov 12 2009 1 i cleaned everything after my last run had a few herms and still had a few that got pollinated on the next round. However for the rest of the room you can take a damp cloth with some cleaner light dose of lysol for example and wipe everything down.

My cousin john did a science project on pollen when we were kids. The pollen thats already gotten onto female plants isn t really removable. Water will stop the viability of pollen.

Joined jul 25 2007 messages 507 reaction score 239. Get rid of the males. Rid grow room of hermie pollen how.

Walls ceiling lights misc equipment. 1 10 part solution bleach water. You might change your title color it is really hard to read may keep other people from responding.

Put your solution in a spray bottle. Pollen does not stay viable for too long but i d wipe everything down once the female is finished.

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