How To Get An Encrypted Cache Key Destiny 2

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We will help you get the cache key be it encrypted or decrypted be it even the rasputin key fragments after reading this article you will be filled in on important points you can t miss. In this destiny 2 encrypted cache keys guide.

Destiny 2 Encrypted Cache Key Guide Tips Prima Games

The warmind dlc expansion introduced a bunch of brand new things to destiny 2 fairly early on in 2018 one of these being the new encrypted cache keys.

How to get an encrypted cache key destiny 2. Rasputin key fragments in destiny 2 forsaken are a collectible carrying over from the warmind dlc. Encrypted cache key is an item you can get in destiny 2 warmind dlc. The most important thing to remember about actually getting an encrypted cache key is that you can get them from collecting rasputin key fragments while there are far less ways now to get those fragments now compared to when the warmind content was current goodbye heroic missions you can still do nightfalls to net yourself those fragments.

Also get to use the encrypted destiny 2 cache key by decrypting the cache key. Are you worried about not getting the destiny 2 cache key. Destiny 2 is an open world first person shooter or fps game and it is developed by bungie and published by activision.

But destiny 2 has a lot of game modes where a player has to grind so this isn t a big surprise. To do this you need. Destiny 2 encrypted cache key guide.

However getting the encrypted cache key in the warmind dlc can be incredibly difficult. Story mission strike patrol adventure crucible raid. Complete the main story of the destiny 2 warmind.

Destiny 2 rasputin key fragments work the same in the forsaken dlc but the drop chance has been lowered causing some confusion among guardians. This will require some grind. They are necessary for getting the encrypted cache key from the mars vendor ana bray.

It has 6 game modes. It s a reward you get from ana bray. First of all you need to collect 7 pieces of rasputin key fragments which can be converted into one encrypted cache key.

Even more difficult is turning it into a decrypted cache key and figuring out where to use it.

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