How To Get Rid Of Stubble Rash From Kissing

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Favourite answer about all you can do is change your kissing position so that his chin doesn t rub against you if he cannot shave close enough for it not to be abrasive then take plenty of breaks. Getting a beard rash from kissing is not good for your lady.

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Updated 6 16 20 these days it is in style for many men to have a bit of facial stubble so you see a lot of men having a few days growth for the girlfriends and wives of these men particularly those with sensitive skin this can leave their faces red and irritated after kissing add in the fact that you may also be using exfoliating products in your skin care routine such as acids.

How to get rid of stubble rash from kissing. How to get rid of prevent stubble rash from kissing. To soothe beard burn there are several toners creams and green tea sponges that can help. To prevent beard rash you need to wash your beard use beard conditioner and use a high quality natural beard oil or balm.

The guy i m hanging out with always kinda has a stubble going on and every time we make out it leaves around my mouth all red. If you getting a rash by just kissing i wonder what you will get by actually having sex with him. If the skin is still irritated you can apply a gentle over the counter cortisone twice daily for one to two weeks to calm down inflammation dryness and flaking levin says.

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