How To Get An Exp Share In Pokemon Fire Red

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After you do you can obtain the exp share from professor oak s aide found within the gate that connects fuchsia city to route 15. Share as a pokémon tool item card during the english black white.

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After that is complete you should go to fushsia city and continue east untill you reach route 15.

How to get an exp share in pokemon fire red. To get an exp. In red and blue yellow firered and leaf green the player must do it all by themselves though in let s go pikachu and eevee the ones in waiting also get exp. Points just like an exp.

Additionally since the elite four s pokemon. He will give you the exp. In order to do so you must first catch fifty different pokemon species.

He ll give you the exp. As you travel east out of fuchsia city you enter a gate as you leave the city toward route 15. The card was later reprinted under the name exp.

Exp all neo destiny 93 the exp all was introduced as a pokémon tool trainer card in the pokémon trading card game during the english neo series the japanese neo era in the neo destiny expansion and was later reprinted in the ex firered leafgreen expansion. In the gate go upstairs to the second floor and look for one of professor oak s aides. Accepted answer you need to have registered 50 species pokemon in your pokedex.

Share in this game you have to see at least 30 pokémon and talk to either lucas s or dawn s father depending if you are a girl or boy in the passageway before entering the bike trail from eterna to oreburg. There is no exp share in red and blue yellow firered and leafgreen or let s go pikachu and eevee. Share as long as you ve recorded 50 caught pokémon in the pokédex.

If you re looking to have your pokemon gain the most experience possible in a short amount of time then look no further than elite four unlike the rest of the pokemon trainers found throughout the game excluding the very few that can be battled multiple times using the vs seeker only the elite four can be challenged as much as you d like. Exit to the right of fuchsia city and there will be a building go in then go up the stairs and one of the professor s aide s will be there you have to a least 50 pokemon captured to get the exp. How do i get the exp share in pokemon fire red.

Unfortunately the exp share is very difficult to obtain.

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