How Long Does It Take For You To Get Herpes

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An initial herpes outbreak usually lasts for two to three weeks and involves a range of different symptoms. Once you ve contracted hsv there will be an incubation period the time it takes from contracting the virus until the first symptom appears.

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Occasionally however the initial outbreak of genital herpes may be so mild as to not even raise the slightest suspicion and it may thus be missed altogether.

How long does it take for you to get herpes. 10 the vesicles break and leave painful ulcers that may take two to four weeks to heal after the initial herpes infection. 5 10 experiencing these symptoms is referred to as having a first herpes outbreak or episode. The primary symptom of a herpes outbreak is sores that.

Most of the time this outbreak is severe enough that the afflicted individual is readily aware that something is wrong and that they have an infection of some sort. In some cases a person with herpes may not experience any symptoms of the virus for many years. If you ve been infected with herpes and are symptomatic you ll usually start to experience some effects of the virus within one to two weeks.

The average incubation period for an initial herpes infection is 4 days range 2 to 12 after exposure. The incubation period for hsv 1 and hsv 2 is the same. In other cases the first symptoms can appear around 2 10 days after a person contracts the virus.

Most outbreaks occur within two weeks of herpes exposure. Both genital and oral herpes outbreaks have similar symptoms. Herpes usually has its initial outbreak within days of the exposure.

It generally takes anywhere from 4 to 7 days for herpes symptoms to appear.

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