How To Get Rid Of Bloating While On Your Period

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Some anti inflammatory medicine bought over the counter can really help in getting rid of bloating and cramps during period. Producing more urine helps the body to get rid of water.

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An estimated 70 percent of women experience bloating during their period according to diana bitner md a michigan based ob gyn while it s so awesome.

How to get rid of bloating while on your period. Foods that are natural diuretics like asparagus cucumber ginger and watermelon can also help relieve uncomfortable bloating. Because the truth is. There s no single recommendation.

Since water retention causes period bloating diuretics may provide relief. As you get closer to your period these oscillating waves usually from the fundus the upper end of the uterus closer to the belly button work their way down to the cervix with a frequency of. Reduce your dietary intake of sugar alcohol and caffeine around the middle of your cycle because these items can also be responsible for some additional bloating.

We realize this is counter intuitive but the more water you consume the less bloating you will have. When this hormone is low in. Yes that means passing on your favorite snacks when you re in need of comfort food sigh.

Try carrying a water bottle around with you and aim to fill it up several times a day. Eating the right foods is going to benefit bloating and other uncomfortable symptoms of menstruation vastly. Your estrogen levels are high in the days before your period hence the bloating.

Yes that means avoiding your favourite snacks when you re in need of comfort food. Avoiding salty and processed foods during your period which will contribute to water retention can help relieve bloating. Naprosyn and ibuprofen are some of the most used when it comes to this issue.

In contrast progesterone is a diuretic which helps you get rid of water in your body. But druet suggest that you try to eat protein in the form of chicken eggs and healthy fats such as nuts and avocados. Avoiding salty or processed foods around this time which will contribute to water retention can help to alleviate bloating.

Here for the realness. Drink at least 8 10 eight oz. In this way diuretics help to reduce water retention.

And of course drinking plenty of water can help flush out your. You can easily find them in shops and other places. Glasses of water which will lead to reduced bloating.

Make sure you drink plenty of water on the days leading up to your period.

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