How To Get Stains Out Of Grey Baseball Pants

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I soak the pants and jerseys in a bucket of hot water along with a 1 2 cup of this powder for about 30 45mins and then wash it with normal detergent. Put your treated baseball or softball pants on a flat clean dry surface.

How I Clean Baseball Pants Baseball Pants Pants Baseball Stains

Second shred some soap onto the brush.

How to get stains out of grey baseball pants. Reapply fresh solution after chipping away at the stains with the brush. Mist the pants liberally on both sides focusing on areas where dirt and discoloration is the heaviest. Iron out is the absolute best imho.

This year i had a new thought first using a scrub brush to get at the stains instead of my wrist. With your brush or sponge work the peroxide soap mixture deep into the fabric. Allow the detergent to remain on the stains for 30 minutes before washing.

Swish the water around with a spoon to dissolve the powder. I fill a bucket with half a cup of this powder and a gallon of water and let the pants soak for about 20 40 minutes swishing them around a few times then i rinse them out and wash as usual. Spoon the detergent mixture onto the red dirt stains on the pants.

The first year i would wet the pants then wet the soap and rub the soap on the stain until it disappeared. Grasp the pants on each side of the stain and rub together to force the stain remover into the fabric. We have used the felsnaptha bar old fashioned soap and it works but lots of elbow grease involved.

Then use your brush to work the solution further into the fibers of the garment where they can continue working on the stains. This iron out works great. Then i place them in the washing machine for a normal washing and they come out amazingly clean.

Right before you start the cycle first pretreat any obvious stains that remain with clorox bleach pen gel by rubbing a little gel into the stains using the soft scrubber tip on the pen. Good luck out there my fellow baseball moms. I felt like a genius.

I get the pants and shirts soaking wet and rub the bar soap onto the areas of need. I love in ok and most baseball fields here have red clay dirt. Fill a sink or container with hot water and add 1 cup of powdered oxygenated cleaner per quart of water.

Immediately wash the pants in hot water using detergent and cup clorox regular bleach 2. You can reapply more of the mixture as you remove stains with your sponge or brush and turn your pants inside out and spray again for unusually difficult stains. Love reading all the tips.

Step 2 place the pants into the sink or container and let them soak for 30 minutes.

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