How To Get A 4 Year Old To Stop Hitting

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In a calm moment work out some options your child likes. That might include hitting a hitting pillow stomping their feet while punching the sky doing an angry dance or touching their toes.

3 Easy Steps To Deal With A Toddler That Hits Without Hitting Back Or Timeout Gentle Parenting Hitting Toddler Smart Parenting

Sometimes the only way to keep from getting hurt by a four year old is to restrain her.

How to get a 4 year old to stop hitting. Here s a general guideline. Hitting hurts over explaining is lost on little ones and may backfire. If your child does hit breathe.

This is never a punishment it is only to keep her from hitting you. We d gently stroke his head or arm or wherever he had hit us. If your feelings are so triggered by being attacked by your child that you feel angry then you cannot hold her in a loving way.

With young toddlers one way to teach them not to hit is to demonstrate gentle touch. In a steady voice explain to your child that hitting biting kicking and other aggressive behaviors are wrong. Even if another child did something to provoke your little one let them know that their behavior is not acceptable.

Behavior modification is simple and can be used for many different behaviors even something as mundane as putting down the toilet seat after using the restroom. It s also important to talk to your children about aggression during a calm moment. For younger children those between 18 months and 2 years keep it simple.

Can you show me a gentle touch says robson. Avoid situations in which your child can get irritable enough to bite. Point out that your child hit someone else and they wouldn t like it if someone hit them.

The trick is you have to stick to it and you have to give it time lots of time. If sebastian wasn t angry or upset but just hitting to hit we d say ouch that hurt me. I can handle this.

Hold them and explain no hitting. Get down on his level look him in the eye and say in a calm stern voice no hitting. The second caveat is about your feelings.

Make sure that all of your child s needs including eating and nap time are taken care of before you go out to play. Do not however hit your child back as this sends a mixed message. She needs my compassion now.

Get between her and the other child to prevent more violence. She s hitting because she s scared. Discipline them whether it is using a timeout or some other method.

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