How Long Does It Take To Get A Deputyship Order

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Otherwise the entire process of appointing a deputy may take about 4 6 months. The court will the issue the proceedings however there are other procedures that need to be carried out by the proposed deputy deputies.

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Four forms must be completed including a capacity assessment by a relevant professional.

How long does it take to get a deputyship order. There is also a process for notifying the person you are applying to be a deputy for and others such as family members or friends of the person. There can be delays prior to sending the application to court as the medical evidence can sometimes take a long time to get hold of depending on the medical practitioner involved. The process of applying for a deputyship order to the court of protection usually takes four to six months.

The timescale of the application varies greatly from person to person however we usually say that it takes 2 3 months. Application form providing details of the proposed deputy or deputies the individual the type of application etc. Get legal advice if you think the court needs to make a decision about their care.

Once the application is submitted to the court of protection the applicant has a duty to notify certain categories of people including relatives of the person lacking capacity. The process of being appointed as deputy can take four to six months. If there are any complications in this process then it will take more time.

Ultimately you will be notified of when to go to court for the hearing of your application. The court aim to issue an order within 21 weeks of the application being stamped. How long does it take when applying for deputyship.

There are a number of different documents that need to be submitted which include. Once the application has been sent to the court it usually takes 2 or 3 months for someone to be appointed as deputy. At seatons we will give you regular updates and keep you informed with what is going on.

You cannot become someone s personal welfare deputy if they re under 16. Under the simplified filing track the court can grant the deputyship order as quickly as within 3 weeks of the application date. You will also need to pay a court fee.

The application process can be quite long. After applying you should allow several weeks or even months for a decision. It can take 5 6 weeks to get to this point depending upon how long the initial steps take.