How To Get Rid Of Garter Snakes In Your Garden

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Seal openings around doors basement windows water pipes and exterior electrical outlets to discourage the snakes from seeking shelter. Inspect your house and outbuildings for spots and cracks where snakes can get in.

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If you know there are certain areas where snakes congregate around your home you can also soak a piece of cloth cotton ball or cotton tipped swab with the solution and place it in the area.

How to get rid of garter snakes in your garden. Garter snakes in the yard and garden. Remove all water sources from your home including watering cans pet dishes and stagnant water from bird baths so you don t attract snakes to your house. Garter snakes are attracted to insects such as crickets and grasshoppers so eliminating them and other large insects and bugs from your yard can help in checking the snake menace.

Garter snakes cannot tolerate the smell and taste of mothballs. Any oil will work infuse the garlic in the oil for a few weeks they strain. When in doubt call animal control for help or your local pest control specialist for long term management.

If there is heavy infestation of pest in garden plants then you can seek help from professional exterminators. How to get rid of snakes in your yard if you currently have a snake in your lawn always begin by confirming that the snake is non venomous before trying to remove it on your own. They eat insects and other pests so they can control those pests that harm your plants.

Find out what some of the best snake deterrents on the market are. When you find one a drainage pipe for example block the opening while keeping water moving by attaching a piece of galvanized screen or hardware cloth fencing that s 19 gauge in size or smaller if available. This will concentrate the smell and make it even worse for the snakes.

Another way that you can get rid of garter snakes without harming them is to trap them in simple humane traps. You can use all kinds of things as bait. Due to their combined smell a large group of garter snakes in or under your home can make your residence uninhabitable.

A few garter snakes in the garden can be a good thing. Like many creatures snakes dislike garlic. If your yard attracts lots of insects or rodents which.

An animal removal specialist will safely trap and remove all garter snakes that they find and will use their expert skills to locate any nests or dens where garter snakes may be thriving. You can build snake traps yourself or buy them but with a simple funnel trap or minnow trap you can collect your unwanted neighbors and relocate them. Make a spray by chopping garlic cloves and adding to oil.

Place sulfur around your house you can use powdered sulfur to get rid of snakes from your surroundings. You can spray insecticides all over the garden area to kill the insects and use rodent repellents for elimination of the rodents.

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