How To Get A Good Clan On Clash Of Clans

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Find a trusted friend to start your own clan with. This strategy will make sure that you and your clan mates are on the same page.

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For example if you are in bronze join a clan of bronze and low silvers.

How to get a good clan on clash of clans. Look for a clan that has players in a similar league. Single player missions are not worth the money you ll spend to beat the money. If you re not farming keep your town hall in the center where it will be protected.

If the walls are low level go land. If you are farming put the town hall off in one corner and keep everything else in the center. Starting a clan in clash of clans is such a difficult job if you don t do it right from the beginning.

Your top clash of clans tips tricks and cheats. Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of who you are attacking will help you build the best army to take it on. Only attack someone you know you can handle.

Mention the phrase clash champs when you join any clan. Promotion is to be earned by good donation and behaviour 3 respect other members 4 do both attacks in war. If the air defense isn t upgraded get balloons.

Make specific requests in your clan chat for the types of troops you want to send in. Choose an unique and interesting name for your clan. 1 no wrong donation 2 do not ask for promotion.

Set up a defense first and make sure to keep the storage stuff well defended. As there are no levels for a clan in clash royale finding a good clan takes much time type any 1 or 2 letter in clan search box and then open all the clan one by one and check their clan battle chest join the clan in which all players have atleast 50 crowns and they have completed all chests 2 6k views view 1 upvoter. To create a good design keep your clan castle storages mortars and air defense in the center of the base as much as possible as these are your most essential buildings.

There are two types of donation clans in clash of clans 1 open type 2 request type there is a tip at the end of the answer p now talking about open type most donating clans are open type of clans here are some clan names req and leave 28vglr8v. Mortars must stay near the town hall and cannons outside those. The problem is with inactive childish or unloyal members you ll never reach that state looking like a snake that bites itself in the end.

The secret sauce is simple success in clan war clan games will keep active members happy and make your clan more and more attractive to new members looking for exactly that kind of clan to join. It s recommend to have an unique name that will catch people s eyes. If you are in the silver league join a clan with most players in low silver.

Good clans all have one thing in common.

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