How To Get Out Of A Sprint Lease Contract

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Turn in the device or 2. If you happen to somehow still be on a contract with sprint you ll also need to either wait out the remainder of your agreement or pay an early termination fee etf to expedite the process.

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If for some reason the carrier doesn t have it then it s possible that there is no contract.

How to get out of a sprint lease contract. Fraud at sprint with lease agreement and contract. We came back from the apple store and i did a google search to see if others have been able to get out of their sprint contract. The way sprint figures out the fee is that it charges 20 per month for each.

The whole thing with sprint was fraud and i got scammed. After many calls to the customer assistance dept the retention dept. The phone you were leasing must be returned in good working condition and undamaged.

If you simply continue to pay your sprint bill month after month and do not communicate to sprint your preference to own you are then by default continuing on the lease and your out of term payments will not go towards paying off your phone. If you would like to leave sprint prior to the lease end date you must pay out the remaining months of the lease payments similar to a 2 year contract starting to make sense now. At the end of the 18 month lease if you wish to buy your device you must inform sprint of your preference to purchase your device.

That could be your way out. Also you must either 1. Obtain a copy of your contract from your carrier.

And your post did the trick. Sprint review from alpharetta georgia rated 1 2 5 0 with 5 comments. With a few exceptions our stores and store employees can now serve sprint and t mobile small business customers.

And transferred 6 times in just one call only to get hung up on. The early termination fee is prorated which means that as more time passes you will pay less to terminate the fee. Let s start with the cut my bill in half ad and.

The majority of sprint stores have been updated with t mobile branding and a fresh coat of magenta paint and all of t mobile branded stores can serve both sprint and t mobile customers. Pay the buyout exactly as if you ran the agreement fully through. We spoke with about 4 representatives.

I just learned that sprint scammed me on my two lines with a lease agreement where i pay between 25 and 30 per line for the phone every month. If you don t have a copy of your cellphone plan agreement contact your carrier to get a copy. Upgrade to a new phone.

At the end of the 18 month flex lease agreement customers in good standing can choose to.

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