How To Get A Paternity Test If The Mother Refuses

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How to get a court ordered paternity test. Suggested steps for legal dna testing.

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Chances are good the court will automatically order that because paternity has not been definitively established she is not entitled to receive child support from the alleged father.

How to get a paternity test if the mother refuses. If the mother refuses. However a mother s permission is not needed and the dna test could still be performed if the father has parental responsibility for the child. Similarly if an unmarried father refuses to support his child financially the mother can seek a paternity order from the court.

In other words a mother could be forced to undertake a paternity dna test. If the mother of the child refuses to sign the voluntary declaration of paternity the father may have to file for an order of paternity from the court. However things could get complicated if she refuses.

If the mother of your child refuses to get a paternity test there are a few things you can do. We have listed the different methods to do a dna test when the mother refuses from simplest to most complicated. They should be attempted in the following order.

It is rather easy to do a paternity test when the mother accepts. A mother could refuse a peace of mind paternity test. What if the mother or father refuses to participate in the paternity test.

Explain that it s best for her and the child if they know who the father is and get the right support for the child. Samples can just be analysed from the alleged father and the child. Try to explain your situation to the mother before you seek legal aid since this can make things more complicated.

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