How To Get Rid Of Effusion In The Ear

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There are about 2 2 million cases of otitis media with effusion in the u s. Each year and about 90 out of 100 children will get fluid in their ears at some point before they reach 5 or 6 years old.

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The primary cause of fluid buildup is a blockage in the eustachian tube that prevents the fluid naturally produced in the middle ear from draining.

How to get rid of effusion in the ear. The eustachian tube connects the ear to the throat and it helps to drain fluid from the ear and into the throat where it can be swallowed this helps to prevent the accumulation of fluid within the ear. If your doctor prescribes diuretics be sure to follow her medication and diet recommendations closely 1. Blowing your nose very often but not too strongly is another way to treat otitis media with effusion at home.

Take over the counter pain reliever to alleviate the pain associated with fluid buildup. The fluid drains out into the back of the throat to prevent buildup in the ear where bacteria can grow and cause an infection. Applying heat to the outside of the ear can help relieve any pain and inflammation associated with the fluid as well as help circulation in the area to help flush the fluid out.

One effective remedy to treat otitis media with effusion in adults is exposing the ear to a source of steam coming from boiling water and salt. Remove your hand quickly and the trapped water may drain. Another way to get rid of fluid in the ears is by using pressure and creating a vacuum in your ear canal.

This condition is connected with ear infection in two ways. With your head tilted to the side you can press push or cover your ear with your hand which will help create a vacuum. Normally fluid in the ear drains out through the eustachian tube the narrow tube behind the eardrum that connects to the back of the nose and throat.

One of the simplest home remedies for fluid in the ear is the use of a warm compress. Lie on your side with the plugged ear facing downward. Try the following to get water out of your ear.

Jiggle or tug on your ear lobe with your ear tilted toward your shoulder. Add one to two drops of tea tree oil in a teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil apply the blend on your ear and around it to reduce the inflammation and clear the microbial buildup alternatively soak a cotton ball in the oil blend made using tea tree oil and carrier oil. All cases of fluid in the ear are caused by some form of auditory tube dysfunction which prevents your eustachian tube from adequately draining.

Diuretics reduce fluid in your entire body however and can lower your levels of potassium. Diuretics or water pills may be prescribed by your doctor to help relieve pressure in the inner ear and reduce fluid production in the inner ear. Apply a warm compress to the outer ear to ease discomfort and release congestion in the eustachian tube.

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