How To Get Rid Of Pigs In Your Yard

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In the case of wild pigs particularly what you need to understand is that they have 3 basic needs. I will discuss trapping first and then further down the page i discuss some options for keeping wild hogs out of your yard.

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Many areas and states of the usa are afflicted with the problem of wild hogs and these feral pigs can be a massive problem when they find their way into the yard so the best solution is to stop them from getting in to the yard in the first place.

How to get rid of pigs in your yard. Protect your personal property by installing nite guard solar predator control lights. If you absolutely must get rid of a feral pig you have two options. How to deter wild pigs and boars.

The key to preventing javelina from destroying the yard is to take precautionary measures to ensure that they stay away out of your property. Wild boar will feed on just about anything which leaves backyard gardens chicken coops farms and vineyards vulnerable. Food water and shelter.

The animals are not harmed by the ultrasonic frequencies emitted but are rather. These products have proven successful against wild boars including large species in hawaii. In the end prevention is the key.

Hunt and kill usually with gun the animal or trapping and removal of the animals in very large cage traps. You put the stuff your yard and the scent chases them off. Also javelina are usually smaller than full grown pigs reaching weights of only 40 60 lbs while pigs can grow to be 120 220 lbs.

However these methods typically work on one animal at a time so they do little to truly control large feral pig populations. Removing a wild hog from the yard trapping and hunting are popular types of wild hog removal. How to protect your yard and garden from wild hogs.

You take the can and you throw it in their direction the key is the handful of pennies screws or beans in it because the noise scares them. How to get rid of feral pigs in your garden if you keep finding large turf chunks on your yard or garden and you live in a rural area then you could be dealing with feral pigs. No one is throwing rocks at their heads.

Getting rid of wild pigs as is the case with most pests successfully avoiding an infestation depends on creating and maintaining an unwelcoming environment. Our lights have been proven time and again to successfully deter wild boar. The yard gard and solar yard gard are electronic ultrasonic repellents that use sounds out of the range of human hearing to irritate pest animals repelling them from your property.

These animals can be some of the biggest nuisance animals when it comes to your garden and it is only natural that you will want to get rid of them.

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