How Does It Feel To Get Stung By A Jellyfish

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It feels like you ve been stung by a bee but in a long line. The pain faded but i developed hives along the sting site about 24 hours.

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Though the venom of most jellyfish is not harmful some can be deadly.

How does it feel to get stung by a jellyfish. Jellyfish chryaora are marine invertebrates. Red brown or purplish tracks on the skin a print of the tentacles contact with your skin. It felt like a really bad burn as if someone put a branding iron on my skin but the worst part was that it spread.

When i was young i was stung by a jelly fish in the ocean. You re at the beach for a weekend with family or friends. A tingling or numbness where the sting occurred.

There is an antidote but the poison acts fast so someone who is stung must seek medical attention immediately. Then you feel something soft brush against your leg and. Common signs and symptoms of jellyfish stings include.

It started as a circle the size of a quarter and it even made my skin bubble and blister. The best treatments for jellyfish stings are benadryl diphenhydramine otc pain medications topical steroids and in some cases antibiotics. A jellyfish sting starts off like a sharp burning pain.

My grandparents had had a condo on the beach. Common symptoms of a jellyfish sting include. Escaping the windy city to enjoy some time in the sun every winter was the best part of the year.

When the tentacles from a jellyfish come into direct contact with skin it causes symptoms of severe stinging pain redness raised welts nausea vomiting or even death. Severe jellyfish stings can affect multiple body systems. Splashing and jumping dunking your head beneath the waves you start to cool off.

For example the indo pacific box jellyfish or sea wasp releases venom that makes the heart contract. Here s how it feels to be stung by a jellyfish. A burning stinging sensation on your skin.

Burning prickling stinging pain. The skin in the area where the jellyfish stung turning. Throbbing pain that radiates up a leg or an arm.

Even as a child i couldn t believe the pain.

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