How To Get More Heat Out Of Wood Stove

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Cast iron is the most common stove material but there are also masonry stoves that are built with fire brick and other materials to hold heat longer. Much like any other appliance a wood burning stove must be cared for to prolong its life and enhance its operation.

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How to get more heat out of wood stove. Start the fire by using softwoods to quickly get the fire going. It will absorb heat as the fire burns and then radiate it out into the room even once the flames die down. The type of wood that is used.

Burn softwoods to get hotter but shorter lasting flames. Think of your wood stove like an engine. Hardwoods are denser than softwoods and so burn slower than softwoods meaning that you ll use less wood over the course of the fire and get more heat out of every piece used.

It is important to burn the smoke. In fact green wood with a very high moisture content takes more energy to burn than the energy it releases in the form of heat. If you neglect to maintain your engine and its running old dirty oil and stale gas you won t get peak performance or maximum horsepower.

A great solution when you just want something simple a fireback will help to get more heat out of your fireplace. If a piece of wood were heated and allowed to smoke until only charcoal remained more than half of its energy content would be gone up in smoke you might say. While more contemporary options have become commonplace those who enjoy the crackling wood and pleasant smell of a wood burning stove take pride in their mode of heat.

Here s the complete checklist for how to get the maximum heat from wood burners. Use hardwoods after the fire has got going to produce even more heat than softwoods and over a longer period of time per piece. Yes its so simple by increasing surface area your stove will radiate more heat into the room.

It s important that you use seasoned wood for a wood stove. It is the most basic method of reclaiming heat that you d otherwise lose. The size of the stove and the amount of mass that is exposed to the air.

Use hardwood logs over softwood burn hardwoods to get the most heat over the course of the fire. Forest service recommends that firewood be seasoned for six months to a year in a sunny location and protected from rain and snow with a tarp. Venting and the amount of stove pipe that is exposed to the air including second story rooms.

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