How Do I Get My Cat To Put On Weight

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It s kind of like eating junk food for humans. There are lots of reasons why cats lose weight or are unable to gain it.

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Is there anything else wrong.

How do i get my cat to put on weight. Most cats simply need more meals per day and or free access to dry food in order to gain weight. Weigh your pet weekly to ensure that your cat is on track with your vet s plan. If your cat s weight loss is greater than 2 per week increase their calorie consumption by 10 with the help of your vet.

Adding a little weight to your cat is possible by increasing the amount of food and the frequency of feeding. If you wish to encourage a finicky cat to eat more and gain weight try mixing the dry cat food with wet cat food. In this article we ll discuss some tips that you can use to encourage your cat to eat more.

One simple method to get kitty to eat is to heat up her food just a little. Keep in mind that a strategy that works for one cat may not work for another. How often do you feed your cat.

Cats of different ages have different needs. Cats prefer to graze or eat small meals throughout the day so having food available all day long can make all the difference. This will intensify the smell making it more appetizing to your cat.

The most important thing for a cat owner to remember when attempting to get their older cat to gain weight is to exercise patience and flexibility with their older companion. Similarly if the spine or hip bones are easily visible they may need to gain a little weight. Look for high protein foods which also tend to be higher in calories but talk with your vet first if your cat has been diagnosed with kidney disease because more protein can make the disease worse.

Kittens require more food because they are growing but adult cats tend to feed less sometimes limited to just once or twice per day. If the weight loss is less than 1 per week reduce their calorie consumption by 5 10. Their system may not be able to cope with large portions and their appetite is likely to be low so they may not eat it at all.

Grain free foods tend to have more protein and will pack on weight faster than other foods. Kitten food packed with protein and fat is a quick remedy when determining how to make your cat gain weight. Most cat foods aren t going to proclaim they will help cats gain weight because more often cats are overweight and cat food producers more often market foods to those on a cat weight loss program.

To help your cat gain weight it s not a good idea to just give them more of their current food. This trick is what helped our yoda gain weight more on that below. A few treats at a time will help your cat s weight slowly increase.

Small portions served often may be what s needed. In most cases cats are drawn towards wet cat food more than plain dry kibble. You may also want to try making her some eggs.

A little home cooking can be helpful. If you aren t sure whether your cat needs to put some weight on it s a good idea to pop them into the veterinarian for a quick check up. Be sure to check with your vet to see if this would be a good option for your cat.

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