How To Get Rid Of Body Lice In Clothing

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Body lice are between 2 3 3 6 mm in length and tan or gray. You can usually get rid of body lice by cleaning yourself and any personal belongings that may be contaminated.

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A body lice infestation is treated by improving the personal hygiene of the infested person including assuring a regular at least weekly change of clean.

How to get rid of body lice in clothing. Washing in hot water is critical to getting rid of body lice. The main way to eliminate body lice is by removing and washing or throwing away infested clothing and bedding. Thus vinegar helps prevent the spread of rashes and body lice infection.

Vinegar clears rashes and stops the itching sensation caused by body lice bites. A person should wash towels clothes and bed linen in hot soapy water and dry in a machine to get rid of body lice. Don t let the bedding or towels come in contact with other bedding or clothing as this can spread the lice.

Camphor coconut oil and milk to get rid of body lice mix one spoon of camphor and coconut oil to a cup of milk and apply this all over your body. Make sure you are cleaning bedding and towels at least once a week. The easiest way to get lice out of your clothes is to machine wash them on a high heat and then put them in the dryer.

Body lice may take up residence in clothing and bedding and may even spend some time in the towels you use to dry your body. Ridding your body and home of body lice a body lice infestation is normally treated through improved personal hygiene and regular changes of clean washed clothing.

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