How Much Does It Cost To Get Cavities Fixed

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157 344 the pricing shown is for a single surface filling. Here is an informational list of several tooth decay treatments and their typical price ranges.

Using A Composite Tooth Colored Filling Material We Closed This Space Between The Two Front Teeth N Tooth Colored Fillings Low Cost Dental Care Front Teeth

A silver amalgam metal filling on one or two surfaces can cost 50 150.

How much does it cost to get cavities fixed. A composite resin filling will cost about 90 to 250 for one or two tooth surfaces and about 150 to 400 for three or more surfaces. Three or more surfaces can cost 120 300 or more. Cast gold fillings also called inlays and onlays porcelain or indirect.

How much you can expect to pay out of pocket for a cavity filling including what people paid in 2020. The amount you might have to budget per tooth ranges from a low of 150 just for the one appointment to 800 when you fold in diagnostics sedation and other related charges. Composite resin fillings also called clear or tooth colored.

A dental filling can cost between 157 to 344 per filling. Your actual cost per filling can vary based on the number of fillings required and the material used. Patients bear one hundred percent of the retail cost of filling a cavity when they are uninsured.

What will affect the cavity filling cost. Dentists use fillings to remodel your tooth with materials like amalgam gold silver porcelain or composite resin so it functions normally. The material used in your tooth filling will mainly affect how much you ll be paying for your procedure.

Cast gold or porcelain fillings are the most expensive option ranging from 250 to 4 500 for a single filling. A basic cavity filling will remove the decayed part of the tooth and refilling it with one of the filling materials mentioned above. 90 to 250 for one or two tooth surfaces and 150 to 450 for three more surfaces.

These out of pocket expenses can add up quickly particularly if you have other oral health needs. Your dentistry guide says the average amalgam filling can cost 110 to 200 per filling while a resin based filling can cost 135 to 240 per filling. Dental insurance typically covers at least some of the cost for amalgam fillings.

Dental fillings 50 to 300 dental fillings help restore a tooth damaged by cavities that cause tooth decay. Here are some other factors that may influence the cost of your cavity filling. They can cost anywhere from 250 to 4 500 depending on the size of the cavity.

250 to 4 500 depending on the number location and complexity of the cavities.

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