How Long Does It Take To Get Ecg Results Back

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It partly depends on how technically difficult it is and how fast is the technician but usually it only takes about 15 or 20 minutes. I dont have an appointment to see my neurologist yet but am waiting on one to come in the post hopefully very soon so i can get this all sorted out.

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No electricity passes through your body from the machine and there is no danger of getting an electrical shock.

How long does it take to get ecg results back. How long does the test take. The entire ecg procedure takes about ten minutes in total. Had the odd episode but nothing like before.

It takes less than 10 minutes to actually interpret the echo. If a dr is on site it is usually read same day but a lot of places have to send them to a. An ekg is a completely safe test.

The unknown is what causes unnecessary anxiety. But they are repeating the ecg today and i wondered how long it would take till i have the results his last ecg was done in august and i only found the results on monday as i chased camhms as i hasnt heard. But being put back on the bisoprolol eventually settled it down.

Thus ecg test is a speedy yet hassle free method to diagnose heart problems. My doctor referred me to the cardiologist for the ecg it took 8 weeks for me to get an appointment for the ecg monitor the lady that fitted it did say that the results will go to my gp and that no news is good news if you haven t heard back but i just hate waiting xx. Send thanks to the doctor dr.

The test usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. Normally the machine records the electrical information as line tracing into a report in ten seconds. It depends on who is reading the echo.

Ok i am a 22 year old female. I had a 48 hour eeg recording done last week while i was in hospital and was wondering if anyone knows how long i will have to wait to get the results back. I went to a walk in clinic near my house wednesday because last monday for two hours on and off like every 2 10 mins my heart would feel like it was slowing down and i could feel two very strong beats in my throat.

A holter monitor is a small wearable device that records a continuous ecg usually for 24 to 48 hours. Take care now jo. How long does it take to get results back from a 24 hour ecg.

Anyway the first ecg showed a problem with my sons heart which obviously we had no clue about so its sent me into a bit opf a panic. Mark stern answered 45 years experience cardiology. Try not to worry as skid 112 said make a note of questions you want answered so it s no longer confusing.

Let us know what it was all about. How long does ecg results take to get to your doctor.

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