How To Convince Your Parents To Get A Hedgehog

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The second step is to either buy a hedgehog video or talk to a hedgehog owner with your parents. Write a pledge stating that you will clean up after the hedgehog play with him feed him make sure he is heated give him baths etc.

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Next you should contact some.

How to convince your parents to get a hedgehog. Start doing extra chores around the house. Meet my new pet hedgehog not clickbait. Your mom is more likely to take you seriously if she sees.

Show them you have researched the care instructions for a hedgehog and produce a written summary of your research. How to convince your mom to get you a small pet. Choose a pet you can care for.

Show you have an income to continue to pay for supplies each month. Who wouldn t want one. You ll need to show your mum that you can be responsible.

Do everything you can to show how. This will give them more information and give them a basic idea. They have them at a pet store here now and i plan on getting one hopefully.

Show them that you can take care of your self already if you can take care of your self then you can definitely can take care of a pet. I know if i ask my parents they will say no but they are just sooo awesome. Negotiate down to a hedgehog as a compromise.

You may also want to include a care schedule to show that you are serious about this. Have a detailed estimate of initial costs like cage litter food etc. Start by asking for something bigger like a kitten or a house rabbit.

Don t ask for a rabbit if you don t have space for a hutch and don t get your heart set on a gerbil if you have a. I am going to make a power point to convince. Pay for it yourself.

Be apart of the fun family by subscribing here. Help me convince my parents to let me get a hedgehog. Write a supply list informational essay and google slide to present to your parents.

Pick a first and a second choice. Your dad is probably against hedgehogs because he doesn t want one more thing to have to worry about feed or care for. April 26 2012 06 41 12 am.

Maybe your parents thinks that you are still. Read 3584 times edman. 1 point 6 years ago.

We went to a local pet store yesterd.

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