How To Get Rid Of Smog In The Air

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It turns out that indoor air pollution is often worse than outdoor air pollution. World s largest smog sucking vacuum cleaner could rid cities of pollution.

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To do those you can follow the checklist below and reduce all harmful contaminants for good.

How to get rid of smog in the air. For production of bricks in kilns it has been found that some factories as well as kilns which deal in brick making after getting it cooked under the chimney make use of rubber tire so as to burn them and make fire in the kiln for processing of the bricks and this rubber burnt adds to the air pollutants and thus i will advise you to ban usage of rubber. Outside air usually has a lower concentration of pollutants than indoor air. I keep this in mind with my own home and i wanted to share the strategies and routines and habits that work for me when it comes to keeping our indoor air fresh and clean.

It set aggressive clean air goals for the. Years ago the epa released a statement that warned of the dangers of indoor air pollution. A group of chinese lawyers is suing the governments of beijing and its surrounding areas for not doing enough to get rid of the smog.

However there are certain products that can help in minimizing air pollution and are known as air purifiers. Even the most expensive air filters and purifiers don t remove all pollutants and some brands are better at removing one particular type of air pollution more than another. Reducing air pollution used to be as simple as making sure your car was running properly.

In today s complex world however with hazardous chemicals in everything we buy. The smog free tower cleans the air by sucking in smog from the top and releasing filtered air through its six sided. However outdoor air pollution can be a serious problem for your home especially if you live near a busy road or highway.

Traffic pollutants tend to be at the highest concentrations generally within the first 500 feet of a road and do not reach background levels. There is no way to get rid of these air pollutants or smog completely out of the atmosphere. Put a ban over burning of rubber etc.

Meanwhile other pollutants originate inside your home including pet dander or the smoke from a burned piece of toast. That s why it s crucial to learn how to get rid of all these impurities to help reduce the air pollution inside your house. We have short listed some of the products in our product chart so that you can choose the product best suited for you.

For example hepa filters are excellent at removing particulates like dust and soot but can t remove gases like formaldehyde or nitrogen dioxide.

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