How To Get Rid Of Corex Cough Syrup Addiction

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A corex is a cough syrup with codeine this acts on a region called medulla in your brain. Always asks for money directly or indirectly for corex.

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Corex cough syrup an easily available and familiar brand contains codeine an addiction causing opioid.

How to get rid of corex cough syrup addiction. My 33 year old brother is addicted to corex. He is used to stealing money and other things from the house and outside also to fulfil his purpose. The drug belongs to the same class of substances as heroin.

Can she get rid of this from medication because its impossible to move her to deaddictation centre. We are from a small town. My mother is addicted to corex cough syrup from about 25 years.

Sir my name is noel dhungel 28 yrs working in a us based mnc so i work the night shifts and i am addicted to cortex cough syrup since last 3 4 years earlier i used to take while coming to work so that i can enjoy working and be in my own world because i cannot get along with my college a lot but now i have started taking corex on my off day too and not the situation is i don t get enough. Hello doctor from last 2 3 years i am consuming 200ml quantity of corex cough syrup daily now i fedup of all this and really want to get rid of this addiction i am 30 years old and by proffesion. He is not interested in taking up a job.

The breathing sound at night can be due to you abusing corex. When i took corex i experienced constipation and urine and stools smelt very bad. Cough syrup anti tussive are very useful in treatment of cough but in some cases they work as mood elevator.

He is hardly ashamed of anything. Since this is not opium so you can get off easily. How to get rid of corex addiction download here free healthcaremagic app to ask a doctor all the information content and live chat provided on the site is intended to be for informational purposes only and not a substitute for professional or medical advice.

He behaves as if he hasn t done anything wrong. So some persons not all becomes addicted to that property of cough syrup in such. Addiction to a substance is determined technically by presence of ant three criteria out of six craving for the substance tolerence withdrawal symptoms if he does not take substance dys control neglecting alternative sources of pleasure persistent despite harm.

Since you are taking 3 4 bottles of 100 ml each so in my opinion get in an admission in de addiction center or hospital and take treatment under the guidance of a. One 100ml bottle of codeine containing corex cough syrup has the same effect as a 30mg tablet of morphine. Hi xxxxxxx thank you for your concern for your brother corex contains codeine an opioid an addictive chemical.

He tells all kinds of lies. Now i want to leave all these habits and recover from the ill effects. You know very well that you got an addiction to corex dx cough syrup because it contains codeine which is an opiate alkaloid and habit forming agent.

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