How To Get Oil Based Paint Off Hardwood Floor

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Dried paint can be a challenge to remove from hardwood flooring without causing major damage especially if the paint is oil based. Dip a rag.

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Keeping your wood floors looking like new requires constant care and maintenance.

How to get oil based paint off hardwood floor. Ok no really if none of the above methods work to remove paint spills and you know the paint is oil based it s time to try paint thinner. Removing oil based old paint is more challenging compared to acrylic paint as some of the effective solvents used to dissolve the paint may also damage the floor finish. If the paint has dried on a wood surface sand off as much of the paint as you can then use the paint stripper to remove the rest.

Several solvents will remove oil based paint but mineral spirits is the strongest one you can safely use on hardwood and you should use it sparingly. Open up windows and get a fan going in the area to keep it well ventilated this odorless paint thinner is another option. Heavy maintenance will be required however if you drop certain stain causing substances such as oil based paint on your wood floor.

You can also heat up the oil paint on the surface and then scrape what melts off. Caution must be taken to prevent harming the finish or gouging the wood. Oil based paints are made of a pigment a resin a natural oil like linseed or synthetic oil like alkyd as well as a solvent thinner which is used as a carrier.

Most of the time this involves simply sweeping and spot washing the floor. Oil based paints are very durable and are used on surfaces on which the finish is needed to last a long time. If your homemade solution does not work to remove the paint completely you should apply nail polish remover.

How to remove dried oil based paint from hardwood floors. How to remove oil based paint from wood floors with paint thinner. Many chemical cleaners are too harsh to use on this type of floor but there are methods to safely lift dried paint.

An acetone nail polish remover will help to loosen the paint over time. Always try out other methods to remove paint from hardwood without chemicals before resorting to commercial solvents. Denatured alcohol a clean rag and a lot of patience can remove latex paint without damaging wood oil based paint spatters require mineral spirits but be careful not to soak the wood as this.

Any kind of oil based paint should be removed due to the dish soap and rubbing alcohol. Dampen a rag dab the floor and then touch. If the oil paint landed on a hardwood or linoleum surface you can quickly wipe it off with a damp paper towel.

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