How Long To Wait Before Getting Tested For Herpes

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Let s say you test positive but will never have an outbreak in your life. How long do i have to wait to get tested for genital herpes.

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The incubation period for herpes is 2 to 12 days which means that the best time to get tested for the herpes virus if you haven t had an initial outbreak is after 12 days.

How long to wait before getting tested for herpes. Doctors should order a test at the beginning because some individuals are already asymptomatically infected from a previous exposure and repeat the test at 3 4 months. Herpes infections in babies can be life threatening. After 16 weeks four months the vast majority of folks will have a positive test if infected.

Otherwise the blood tests could miss the presence of the herpes antibodies. However currently the cdc does not recommend this test unless there are symptoms present or similar cause for concern. The initial incubation period for a herpes infection is between 2 and 12 days with an average of 4 days.

If you were going to get a primary herpetic genital in. Hsv1 hsv2 herpes window periods. But it usually doesn t make a ton of sense to get tested for herpes antibodies because of that whole dormant virus thing.

Hsv1 hsv2 herpes incubation periods. It s been 7 weeks is that enough time. If you get genital herpes during pregnancy your baby could also become infected.

If you are not infected your doctor can talk to you about ways to lower your risk of getting genital herpes. So it s important to find out exactly what s going on. It can be as short as 1 day or ir the test must be sent out to a lab outside your facility then 2 4 days.

Testing should take place after 4 6 weeks from exposure for the blood test. When the vesicles break leading to ulcers it will take the person 2 to 4 weeks to heal. When to test for herpes.

This is the time needed for the person to produce antibodies that can be de detected by testing. If you notice sores on or around your genitals get checked out by a nurse or doctor as soon as you can. In other words wait ten weeks for a blood test after suspected exposure.

If you are a pregnant woman and have a partner with genital herpes it is very important to get tested. Consequently it is recommended that you get a blood test no earlier than 10 weeks after suspected infection. The seroconversion period of this std is 3 6 weeks.

Like all stds the only way to know for sure if you have herpes is to get tested. The condom broke with my boyfriend who is hsv2 answered by dr. It takes 3 12 weeks for your body to develop antibodies to herpes.

Send thanks to the doctor a 39 year old member asked. Other stds like syphilis can look like herpes but need different treatment.

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