How To Get A Gemini Woman To Love You

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If she cooks you dinner thank. They crave conversation and social interaction so it s crucial that you can actually keep up with her conversation if you want to win her love and affection.

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The first step to seduce a gemini woman you need to keep up your looks.

How to get a gemini woman to love you. If you are looking for the right time with this woman you will never get her. You have to be patience. A witty and humorous banter is what she is looking for in a man.

She needs her own time and space to be herself and cannot play second fiddle to anyone. This stage of a relationship is found in the 1st house or the sign itself. Seduce her with smart words.

How to drive a gemini woman crazy. Put simply she talks a lot. You can talk to her about politics cinema magazine religion travel or you can instantly switch to any other topic like current affairs.

In this case the first house is gemini. Listen to her if you are planning to spend your life with this woman you need to get used to listen because she loves talking. She needs an articulate companion.

If she s a true gemini she ll have a balance. She can talk in every possible topic in the world. However this is doubly true for gemini women.

A gemini woman loves someone with bit of wit and banter to them. It is crucial that you don t overpower or suffocate a gemini woman with your presence. She may seem like she doesn t care or is being apathetic but she s taking note of your gratitude.

Don t be afraid to show your playful side. She loves to laugh and she loves a man that can make her laugh. Make sure you always comb your hair dress neatly and.

She can be submissive and feminine but also dominant and masculine. Amaze her with a surprise date or plan a thrilling weekend retreat with her. But you ll at least need to be capable of holding your own when it comes to love banter so clue up on some good flirt and come back lines.

Say thank you to your gemini woman and she will love you forever. Of course you re unlikely to be able to match this girl s own flirting skills since she s a master of the game. A gemini woman is a curious soul and she loves surprises and gifts.

Listening to any woman is important no matter who she is. Do not think for one moment that you can fool her though you need to actively listen and when needed make appropriate and intelligent remarks. If you are planning to date a gemini woman then try to chat with her about many interesting topics.

She will love you all the more if you appeal to her adventure loving spirit. The beginning signs a gemini woman is attracted to you in order to begin any relationship you must meet and decide that you like each other enough to meet again. It s essential to be a good flirt in order to seduce a gemini woman.

You never know what you re going to get with a gemini so if you re looking for a girl to be consistent and always caring for you you d be better off courting a different sign virgo. How to seduce a gemini woman. Make her laugh the gemini woman is full of life and energy.

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