How To Get Rid Of Lint On Wool Coat

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Save your good razors for your legs. Remove the lint from the surface with garment brush or lint brush.

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Spray the surface with the anti static spray and allow it to dry.

How to get rid of lint on wool coat. This will help to collect all of the fuzzy little lint balls. Use a downward motion and work in small sections at a time. Periodically you may need to rinse out the cloth but be sure that the cloth isn t too wet as water is never good for wool.

Use a damp sponge or scouring pad to buff away lint. Although it s not essential i was a little nervous that shaving my pants would rip the fabric. Choose a coat brush with stiff metal bristles and brush it often.

Remove excess lint between uses with a lint roller the hooked side of a hook and loop fastener or masking tape. Use distilled white vinegar as if we needed another reason to always have distilled white vinegar on hand it turns out it s great for removing lint too. I have a jacket in this video that picked up a load of lint and washing.

Gently use your hands to scrub the pet hair on your wool coat in one direction until there are clumps then you hand pick and dispose of them in the dustbin. Lint roller your pilled clothing. Press duct tape all over the coat until all of the lint is gone.

Dampen a microfiber cloth and rub it all over the coat. It is best not to use a lint roller or tape as they can deposit adhesive on the surface making lint more difficult to remove in the future. How to remove lint from clothing 5.

Roll or blot the jacket to get rid of the lint that is ready to come off possibly clinging to your chair shirt or other items it comes in contact with. Reapply as needed to keep the static away. Well this ended up not being an issue at all but i m a better safe than sorry type of gal.

To make it easier place a bowl of water beside you so you don t go running to the sink anytime your hands dry up. The first thing i did was iron my pants. Spray your coat daily with anti static spray and regularly apply a lint roller or run pieces of tape down your coat to grab lint and other debris.

In this video i show you the products i use to remove lint and pilling from clothing. Wet a sponge or scouring pad with water and squeeze it to get rid of the excess moisture. Just wet your hands and softly wipe the pet hair from your wool coat.

Brush against the nap of your coat to remove hidden debris and lint then brush down to give your coat a smooth appearance. Gently rub the rough side of the sponge or scouring pad against the fabric.

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