How To Get All Three Starters In Pokemon Silver

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I don t like having all the starters from the same region on my team. The cheat has been commented 2 times.

How To Find All Three Starters In Pokemon Crystal Silver And Gold With One Game Youtube

All of them should be in box one of the pc hope this helps.

How to get all three starters in pokemon silver. In heart gold soul silver these pokémon are obtained by visiting steven stone in silph co. 3 catch a weak pokemon that you don t mind losing 4 have your starter hold a pokeball and deposit it box 1 5 switch boxes but when you switch between boxes wait until you see the. In saffron city after you have defeated red.

This cheat for pokemon silver game boy advance has been posted at 28 apr 2010 by pokemonuser and is called get all 3 starter pokmon works for gold silver all 3 starter in your pokdex. I used all three in sapphire and silver but that s it. It s hard putting in the trading cable and trading starter pokemon to each game boy but here is a solution.

It is possible to get all three starting pokémon in the gold and silver versions using the cloning glitch. Like for classic pokemon in this video we go through the easiest method of obtaining all 3 starter pokemon in pokemon gold and silver on the nintendo 3. The third final batch of starters you will find are the pokémon whom trainers start with when they begin the journey in hoenn.

Prama initiative a également une page sur. It takes out the fun for me and feels a bit cheap plus i m missing out on better pokemon. 2 select any starter and play through until you can catch a pokemon.

This glitch allows the player to obtain all of the three starter pokémon in pokémon gold silver and crystal. Also 2 users added this cheat at them cheatbooks. Happy cheating amnesha head back to our pokemon silver cheats page for a load more cheats and tips for pokemon silver.

You should be infront of the pokemon again 14. 1 save right before you select a starter. Repeat this process for the last two 15.

You can also get a second kalos starter in the end from an egg given to you by shauna and it holds the starter that yours has an advantage over. If you have many copies of pokemon you can transfer the starters from them as well even if they are from the old ds games. This code will allow you to get all thre pokemon silver gameboy.

Do not save after this. Just start a new game and save just befoe choosing your starter. I tested it and it works perfectly.

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