How To Get An Exponential Equation From A Graph

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Try to choose points that are as far apart as possible to reduce round off error. First identify two points on the graph.

Touch This Image Investigate Characteristics Of Graph Class Code Rnm7 V By Erin Suozzo Graphing Coding Exponential Functions

Shift the graph of f x bx f x b x left c units if c is positive and right c c units if c is negative.

How to get an exponential equation from a graph. A simple exponential function to graph is y 2x. Replacing x with x reflects the graph across the y axis. Choose the y intercept as one of the two points whenever possible.

Given the graph of an exponential function write its equation. Replacing y with y reflects it across the x axis. Y the value on the y axis.

This video teaches how to convert the graph of an exponential function into its equation. Changing the base changes the shape of the graph. Now that we have an idea of what exponential equations look like in a graph let s give the general formula for exponential functions.

Instructor the graphs of the linear function f of x is equal to mx plus b and the exponential function g of x is equal to a times r to the x where r is greater than zero pass through the points negative one comma nine so this is negative one comma nine right over here and one comma one. Notice that the graph has the x axis as an asymptote on the left and increases very fast on the right. The video covers x intercepts y intercepts growth versus decay a.

Solution to example 6 the horizontal asymptote of the exponential function y a bx 1 d is given by y d hence d 1. Y ab d x c k y abd x c k the above formula is a little more complicated than previous functions you ve likely worked with so let s define all of the variables. Both graphs are given below.

Given an exponential function with the form f x bx c d f x b x c d graph the translation draw the horizontal asymptote y d. Find the exponential function of the form y a bx 1 d whose graph is shown below with a horizontal asymptote red given by y 1.

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