How To Get Miniature Schnauzer Ears To Lay Down

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This way they never stand up. Pluck the hair in a gentle and quick motion.

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These are the type of ears that i have had my past puppies end up with.

How to get miniature schnauzer ears to lay down. She is now 6 mos. The extra ear cartiladge that provided this look was removed. We now have a mini schnauzer she is 9 years old and her ears are not cropped but flop over however i always ask our groomer to leave a bit of weight on her ears because if they take them down too close they will tend to perk up when she is in a serious mood.

Apply some more powder or utilize a hair removal device if you cannot get a firm grip on the hair. At this point there really isn t anything that can be done to get them to lay down like you re wanting. Has nothing to do with being groomed.

According to the miniature schnauzer breed standard the ears are supposed to be cropped. I get so many questions about miniature schnauzer ears at reberstein s miniature schnauzers we prefer the cropped look for the miniature schnauzer s ears. This is where they cut the ears as a puppy to get them to stand erect.

Many puppies will raise drop their ears while teething so after a few months he may drop the ears back down or may not. The cropped ear look provides for that timeless classic look of the miniature schnauzer. Take a look at ears to make sure they are placed correctly and naturally.

Each ear will now be laying flat. That is part of the risk you take when. Unfortunately at this time the previous owner had her ears cropped.

Step 6 use a strip of adhesive moleskin to secure the ears. Fold the ears down and press the ears into place. You should avoid a tough jerk or a hard steady pull on the hair.

Can i do anything about that. I have a mini schnauzer who we got at 12 wks. Her ears flopped over.

Feed your puppy one large tablespoon or two tablespoons of cottage cheese everyday up to 6 months old to help with calcium and this may help the ears lay nice as teething doesn t help the ear position. Pictured below are three puppies from my litters. Old and her tears look like they may straighten out.

Is the nateral state of t read more. We used it while it trained the ear down. Each ear will be covered starting at the ear tip and working down the ear with each tape layer with one each of the 3 4 and 4 strips.

Apply some powder on your fingers and tightly grip small amounts of fur around the opening of the ear canal of your schnauzer.

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