How To Get Bird Nest Out Of Dryer Vent

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Purchase vent covers that are small enough to keep birds out in the future but that can be easily removed to clean lint buildup. Even adult birds with full flying capabilities fall into the same trap.

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The best time to get rid of birds in your dryer vent is before they lay eggs.

How to get bird nest out of dryer vent. Once the birds are gone clean your dryer vent thoroughly. Once the nest is bird free immediately take the nest out and follow the proper prevention tips. Normally pregnant mothers will build a nest within 2 feet of the vent and lay eggs in the nest.

Clean out the dryer vent once the bird family leaves. Use the clothes hanger to push the nest and all of the other bird debris out of the vent. Birds are attracted to the warmth of the vents which is why they are commonly found in dryer vents and kitchen exhaust vents.

The heat of these vents are a fire hazard when birds decide to nest in these locations. The most common solution is to cover it with a sheet of wire mesh. You can accomplish this by moving the dryer away from the wall disconnecting it from the vent and making a hook out of a wire clothes hanger.

Leaving your dryer vent open to birds can result in fires and other severe damages. However if baby birds are involved your task is more difficult as you have to wait for the baby birds to leave the nest. You can prevent future birds from nesting in your laundry vent by having a dryer vent cleaning specialist provide a covering for it.

Always remove any twigs or. Next put a cover over the exterior of the vent that allows hot air to escape but doesn t allow birds to get in. Bird proofing dryer vents is relatively easy.

The birds and their babies usually take two to three weeks and they are gone. Vacuum all the junk out of the dryer vent. Birds love to nest in dryer vents because of the continuous flow of warm air from these outlets.

You can use a long wire to push the nest and all other bird debris out of the dryer vent. If you find a nest at this stage remove all the nesting materials promptly so they ll get the hint and make their home elsewhere. However this inhibits the functioning of your dryer vents so bird proofing them becomes necessary.

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