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Ghost players or ghost characters appear whenever a player dies in don t starve together. No don t kill it.

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I dug it up.

How to get rid of ghosts don t starve. Other players can resurrect them using a telltale heart. Ghosts are really slow and stupid they ll just take a straight line to you. For don t starve together on the pc a gamefaqs message board topic titled getting rid of onscreen info.

If she loses all of her health she retreats into her flower. How do i get rid of it. Maxwell aka william carter is one of the two playable characters that are not unlocked via experience in the don t starve base game and one of the playable characters in don t starve together dst.

Otherwise just lure them into enemies. And well this ghost is following me around. How do i get rid of it.

About the ghost near where i found the shovel was a grave life literally 2 feet away so naturally being curious i thought the shovel was placed for me next to that grave for a reason. They can fly around and haunt objects. The de facto antagonist of the base game if freed at the end of adventure mode he returns to his dapper human form and is sent to the constant as another survivor.

Ghosts literally have no reason to kill. She slowly regenerates health at a rate of 1 per second and she can be healed using items like healing salves spider glands or honey poultices. You can easily kill them without any mayor risk if you have a logsuit.

They damage enemies and enemies will kill them too so use them to your advantage. They despawn eventually and move slow as molasses and drop nothing whatsoever. They also emit just enough light to ward off charlie.

In don t starve together ghosts cannot be revived with a telltale heart and attempting to do so will result in a unique quote from the player character. Before we get onto my ghost problem can anyone tell me what these items are and what they do. Jan 4 2017 9 49am originally posted by hotbread100.

In don t starve abigail has a maximum of 600 health and when significantly damaged she appears worried distressed. Ghost players may resurrect themselves via touch stones meat effigies or life giving amulets. All discussions screenshots artwork broadcasts videos workshop news guides reviews.

If you re playing as wendy her ghost twin abigail appears every few days but she helps you. I know this thread is 2 years old but i cant use a hammer on this skeleton. Don t starve together some things even i can t fix winona when attempting to revive a ghost.

Better yet lure it to a treeguard or something.

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