How Long Would It Take To Get Toxic Shock Syndrome

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Toxic shock syndrome can sometimes get mistaken for the flu. Toxic shock syndrome symptoms usually occur within 12 hours to five days of an infection.

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Toxic shock syndrome is still mostly a disease of menstruating women who use tampons.

How long would it take to get toxic shock syndrome. In a lightning storm we take cover and get out of swimming pools. Often toxic shock syndrome results from toxins produced by staphylococcus aureus staph bacteria but the condition may also be caused by toxins produced by group a streptococcus strep bacteria. Tss symptoms usually come on quickly about 2 days.

To put it in perspective you are more likely to die from being struck by lightning than you are from toxic shock syndrome there are also things you can do to reduce your risk further. But it has also been linked to the use of menstrual sponges diaphragms and cervical caps. The symptoms are a lot like ones you might see from other kinds of infections.

Fortunately toxic shock syndrome is rare. Toxic shock syndrome is a rare but serious medical condition caused by a bacterial infection. This depends on several factors and the overall health of the patient.

If these symptoms appear ask. How long does it take to get tss. Toxic shock can develop quickly or over time depending on the source but the average would be a few days.

This discharge can show up within a few days or take as long as a couple of weeks which means you may not make the connection that a forgotten tampon is the cause. The first things you ll usually notice are a rash fever or pain. While you may not have experienced toxic shock syndrome if you re a woman you re almost guaranteed to have heard about it.

Toxic shock syndrome is a rare life threatening complication of certain types of bacterial infections. The most obvious clue that you might have tss is the sudden onset of symptoms. You re feeling fine one hour but then you start to deteriorate very quickly.

Look out for these toxic shock syndrome symptoms netdoctor via yahoo news 2 years ago. Patient s can present very toxic with severe low blood pressure acidosis and respiratory failure. Toxic shock syndrome is usually talked about in the context of using super absorbent tampons and leaving them in too long and of course that s the first thing i found when i googled it.

Swelling fever redness and a general feeling of being unwell. It is caused when the bacterium staphylococcus aureus gets into the bloodstream and produces toxins.

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