How To Get Rid Of White Spot Lesions On Teeth

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Whitening or bleaching teeth can help to reduce the appearance of white spots and other stains. Unfortunately due to slow diffusion the surface enamel is remineralized first leaving the deeper areas of the lesion demineralized.

Do White Spots On Your Teeth Make You More Tight Lipped Check Out A Host Of Wonderful Natural Remedies For How To Get Ri Home Remedies Remedies How To Get Rid

A variety of teeth whitening products such as strips and paste are available over the counter.

How to get rid of white spot lesions on teeth. Treating white spots on teeth decalcification re mineralization of a white spot lesion on the tooth requires direct exposure to saliva once the plaque or tarter is removed. At the very least it can keep current white spot lesions from getting worse and keep new ones from appearing. According to a study topical uses of basil can help you get rid of white spots on teeth naturally and effectively.

Pumice the tooth for 10 to 30 seconds non fluoridated non glycerin flour of pumice and then rinse. Be careful not to over etch the teeth. Apply etchant phosphoric acid to the white spot lesions for 10 30 seconds.

Of basil paste in a cup of lukewarm water. It s worth learning how to get rid of white spots on teeth and to choose a remedy that s best for you. If you place an optragate you can use a liquid rubber dam and light cure if needed to protect the tissue.

Basil contains antiseptic antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties all of which help keep the teeth and mouth healthy. If you have white decalcified spots on your teeth the following are some steps you can take to reverse. When there s a disruption to the tooth development process white spots can set in on the surface but not a shade of white that blends in with the rest of your teeth.

There are a number of foods that contain phosphorus in the form of this phytic acid that you need to avoid. 1 minute is the maximum exposure time to the etchant. Use either a latex rubber dam if the lesions are close to the gingiva as is the case with many post ortho lesions or an optragate.

Proper and regular brushing with a high quality toothpaste and flossing particularly when combined with xylitol chewing gum designed for oral health can improve the look of minor white spots over time. Decalcification is one of the reasons for white spots lesions on teeth. Only etch the white spot lesion not the entire tooth.

Do not use a non latex dam. Last week we discussed how prolonged contact with acidic bacterial plaque can lead to decalcification or demineralization of teeth. Another way you can get rid of the white spots on your teeth is to avoid phytic acid foods to remineralize your teeth.

Fortunately decalcification can be reversed. There are many reasons for the appearance of white spots on your teeth. This doesn t mean that you should stop eating these foods as a little phytic acid is actually good for you.

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