How Hard Is It To Get A 90 Atar Vce

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Don t be afraid to go way back before the current study design most of the old exams are relevant. As for choosing subjects choose what you enjoy as you ll then be prepared to put in the required effort to do your best and maximise your score.

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I know english is a pain but devote your time into it as its a core subject that is taken into account for everyone s final atar.

How hard is it to get a 90 atar vce. If you have the checkpoints book this covers exams from 2009 onwards. However certain know it all friends keep saying to me that my sac scores are not going to get me an 80 and it s actually hard to get. That said to get an atar of 90 you must score in the top 5 so that might be enough to answer your question.

Hey guys so i have this super requested and long awaited video for you guyyys. I recommend watching the whole video to get a good glimpse on how to achieve an over 90 atar. So i ve always been raised this year on the idea that an 80 is piss easy for top students.

How hard is it for me to get a 70 atar. Marks wise if you can get all medium to high band 5s around 85 89ish and at least 1 high band 6 a 90 atar is very achievable. I managed to get 94 and got into engineering.

It should be hard for it to be worth anything anyway. Is an 80 atar hard to get. Also specific maths questions past vce exams including northern hemisphere are the best for these.