Synthetic Parallelism

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This is different from synonymous parallelism which amplifies a thought with synonymous repetition. In the book of Proverbs this type of construction the most common of the different types.

What Is Parallelism In Hebrew Poetry There Are Seven Types Of Parallelism In Hebrew Poetry They Provide Artistic Beauty Learn Hebrew Bible Study Help Poetry

In synthetic parallelism which is not really parallelism at all related thoughts are brought together to emphasize similarities contrasts or other correlations.

Synthetic parallelism. He who has clean hands and a pure heart who does not life up his soul to what is false and does not swear deceitfully Psalm 243-4. Who shall ascend the fill of the LORD. A Mightier than the voices of many waters Mightier than the breakers of the ocean In the high place is Jahweh.

Parallelism is defined in poetry as a structure that has similar components which display a deliberate comparison contrast or correlation. Development in thought between lines But most scholars today find this description lacking. Based on the semantic relationship of the parallel lines Lowth reduced parallelism to three sorts.

In this feature the second line is the opposite of the first. You might say synthetic parallelism is any parallelism that doesnt fit into any of the above categories. Synonymous antithetic and synthetic.

When a proposition is delivered. SYNONYMOUS PARALLELISM Psalm 241-3 The earth is the LORDs and the fullness thereof the world and those who dwell therein for he has founded it upon the seas. There are a variety of combinations that can be used in this form of poetic teaching.

In such parallelism successive lines build on and intensify the first line. An emblematic Parallelism takes an idea in either first line or the second line and illustrates that idea in either the second line or first line with a symbol or metaphor. Synthetic Parallelism The third literary form is normally described as synthetic parallelism in which the second line not merely reinforces the thought of the first but actually adds to its meaning content Harrison page 405 Proverbs 188 The words of a gossip are like choice morsels.

In antithetical parallelism the idea of the second line is the opposite of the idea in the first line see Proverbs 1823. Synthetic parallelism is characterized by advancing a thought. Synthetic means put together compounded Form.

Proverbs 616-19 wherein the list of things God hates expands over the course of the verses illustrates synthetic parallelism. Synthetic Parallelism Synthetic parallelism is where the second line completes or compliments the thought of the first. The synthetic parallelism uses the second part to advance and develop the proposition in the first part.

Synthetic parallelism involves the completion or expansion of the idea of the first part in the second part. They go down to a mans inmost parts. The second line of poetry builds up synthesis is Greek for putting together the thought in the first line.

Some might include question-answer proposition-conclusion or situation-consequence. Synthetic Parallelism —The theme is worked up by the building of thought upon similar thought. He who keeps the commandment keeps his soul But he who is careless of his ways will die Proverbs 1916.

The LORD is my shepherd. Some might include question-answer proposition-conclusion or situation-consequence. A expands to A1.

The idea in the first part of a lineverse is expanded or developed into a fuller thought in the second part of a line or another verse. Synthetic Parallelism The 2nd line repeats the thought of the 1st line in different words plus adds a conclusion or completes the sense of the 1st line. Synthetic Parallelism Synthetic parallelism is where the second line completes or compliments the thought of the first.

In synonymous parallelism the same sense is expressed in different but equivalent terms. Out flew the web and floated wide. In the first example below the figure of speech in the first line is explained in the second line.

Synonymous Antithetic and Synthetic Parallelism. Synthetic parallelism synthesizes two or more poetic lines. Basically synthetic parallelism brings together ideas to show that they are related in some way whether to compare contrast or correlate them.

In English poetry one of the tools used is end rhyme. And who shall stand in his holy place. The relationship is supplementary.

There are a variety of combinations that can be used in this form of poetic teaching. I shall not want Ps. Other types of parallelism found in Hebrew poetry include antithetical parallelism and synthetic parallelism but synonymous parallelism is probably the most common.

And is immediately repeated. Keep your heart with all diligence For out of it spring the issues of life Prov.

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