How Tall Is A Telephone Pole

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The lowest level utility lines are typically the communications lines telephone cable etc. I saw somewhere on a telephone company that the average height of a pole is 35 and they are normally spaced about 175 apart.

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Pole lengths start at 16 feet and increase by 2-foot steps to 22 feet then by fives from 25 feet to 90 feet.

How tall is a telephone pole. The average height of a telephone pole is 45 feet which is class 3 and commonly used for distribution. Utility company standards call for 16th of the pole to be buried. Utility Pole Configuration The typical utility pole configuration that is seen running down the side of a roadway can be best described by referring to the diagram shown below.

A standard telephone pole is 36 feet tall. 178mIt was submitted by Whittaker 54 years old. What do you think of this.

We have a 20 foot long telephone pole. However poles can reach heights of 120 ft 37 m or more to satisfy clearance requirements. The average height of a telephone pole is 45 feet which is class 3 and commonly used for distribution.

Wow high do you think the poles would be when crossing railroad tracks. Utility poles range in height The utility poles in your neighborhood can range in height from 30- to 60-feet tall. Thus 39-feet overall height above ground level– 7122259133 0405 21 September 2007 UTC.

A pole then correctly planted would show the 3 metre mark at a height of 12 metres above ground level. A 90-foot class 1 western red cedar pole weighs about 6600 pounds. According to the NESC the standard height for a utility pole is 35 feet.

The larger ones you see along major roads and highways measure from 60 feet to more than 120 feet in height. The doby mark is a notch 3 metres from the bottom of the pole. Despite alternatives most telephone poles in the US are made of wood most commonly pine and have a lifespan of 25 to 50 years depending on climate and preservatives applied.

To Baltimore and back. Height Requirements for Overhead Lines. However thats somewhat controversial as communication lines have been crowding out electrical supply lines for adequate space.

How tall is telephone pole At the moment 08022020 we have next informationanswer. A 16-foot pole weighs only about 700 lbs. The higher the class number the skinnier the pole.

The height of the pole is going to depend on the application you have in mind. When one is installed 13 of it is buried into the ground so that means that the part above ground. If the pole is set on a slope you should add the diameter of the base of the post to the amount to be buried underground.

30ft 60ft and 90ft. 89 views Answer requested by. In practical use 40-foot poles are the newest preferred model though situations may call for poles of 120 feet or higher.

However utility poles may range in height between 20 and 100 feet. The wooden utility pole was born albeit as a mistake. On May 24 1844 thanks to telegraph wires hastily strung on hundreds of wooden utility poles the phrase What Hath God Wrought was successfully telegraphed via Morse code from DC.

We need a meat pole for our 3 day pig harvesting class. The typical height of a secondary or house current telephone or utility pole is 40 feet and range from 45 to 65 feet for distribution primary circuits. Now we need to dig a 4ft hole in the ground get the pole in i.

The general rule is a pole 40 ft tall is set 6 feet in the ground and a pole 45 feet set 65 feet in the ground etc. The standard utility pole in the United States is about 40 ft 12 m long and is buried about 6 ft 2 m in the ground. This then indicates this pole is 38 feet 6 inches above ground level and another 6-8 inches to the transformer connection.

A pole should be planted approx 6ft 18m into the ground. Utility pole bases are placed below ground within 6 feet of a structure. The typical height of a secondary or house current telephone or utility pole is 40 feet and range from 45 to 65 feet for distribution primary circuits.

Telephone Poles at least the old wooden ones come in three sizes. The worlds tallest power line suspension towers which flank the Yangtze River in Jiangyin China are 1137 feet tall. Utility pole is a term used to refer to transmission poles telephone poles and power poles.

The standard height of a utility pole is 35 feet. I use to work on our local power bd for 23 years and their poles were 30 ft high from ground level and spaced 22 yards apart Telephone poles were 20 to 25 feet high with 4 ft or 6ft cross arms and spaced 20 yards apart. Sometimes we have questions about.

The cross arms were around the 4ft for short arms two wire system and 6ft for 3 wire high voltage ie 11000 volt Low voltage.

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