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The verb fingere which also means to shape. Tell her shes to feign a fainting or weak.

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Feign aims at simplifying HTTP API clients.

Feign in a sentence. Examples of Feign in a sentence I feign sleep when Mom checks up on me after bedtime then I go back to playing video games when she leaves. Sentence with the word feign But there is a certain romantic senseless kind of love such as poets sometimes celebrate and men and women feign which is a legitimate target for ridicule. Examples of Feign in a sentence If you feign sick at work a lot no one will believe you when youre truly ill.

The singer is admitting to the listener that he is feigning the innocence of a. Some animals feign death when in danger. Feigned in a sentence esp.

Its difficult to see feign in a sentence. Feign in a sentence esp. If they served something she couldnt eat shed feign illness.

In an effort to save its life the wolverine worked itself down low in the snow and there lay feigning death. I had just sufficient command of my faculties left to feign ignorance of the true situation. She questions Balwant the caretaker but he feigns ignorance.

She grunted but continued to feign sleep. Good sentence like quote proverb Feigned in a sentence 1. Feigning in a sentence 1 He is not sickhe is feigning.

This one guy would feign yawns purely to set off a chain of contagious yawns in the room. Then feigning sleep they suddenly awoke And took possession of the Stock Exchange. Indhiran confronts him but he feigns ignorance about the incident.

Sentence Examples When threatened this hognose usually spreads its head and neck hissing loudly to feign ferocity. He thought of feigning illness and beating a hasty retreat but after much deliberation decided to chance it. Feign Sentence Examples She tried to feign innocence but her eyes were probably full of mischief instead.

The utter tedium of the actual games didnt stop everyone from feigning excitement over them. In one of its earliest senses feign meant to fashion form or shape That meaning is true to the terms Latin ancestor. Even when the millionaire lost all his money he still would not deign to cook his own supper.

Simply put the developer needs only to declare and annotate an interface. 3 Feigning a headache I went upstairs to my room. Geralds feigned concern for my safety was obviously just a ploy to make him look more sympathetic to the rest of the class.

Footballers here are less inclined to tumble over in an exaggerated fashion or writhe around feigning injury. There he would feign despair by plunging fully clad into the swimming pool carrying weighted suitcases. Feign in a sentence feign example sentences See through this indifference I feign.

For poesie Is but feigning feigning is to lie And women practice lying more than men. Examples of Feigned in a sentence I could not help but judge the soccer player that had feigned an injury just to penalize the opposing team. Young Eastern hog-nosed snakes for example feign death if they sense a threat.

Feign In A Sentence How To Use Feign In A Sentence. Good sentence like quote proverb Feign in a sentence 1. For it was hers all day long to feign laughter and all night long to conquer fever and despair.

Pretend Examples of feign in a sentence I feign sleep when Mom checks up on me after bedtime then I go back to playing video games when she leaves. 2 He boasts of dodging military service by feigning illness. Cassie drew her brows down to feign a stern expression.

Definition of feign make believe with the intention of deceiving. Cleverly feign your fever and your mother might be gullible enough to let you stay home from school. The manipulative woman used to feign interest in men just to get money out of them.

To complete a task that one considers beneath him Examples of Deign in a sentence The queen would not deign to invite her maid to dinner. Though he tried to feign grief no one believed the husband was sad about his wifes death. He feigns illness and sends the maid to fetch the doctor.

The Shape of the History of Feign Feign is all about faking it but that hasnt always been so.

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