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Functional regions are autonomous internally coherent and externally self-contained spatial structures based on vector data so-called spatial interactions. Such regions are clearly defined by set boundaries and are regarded as common or public knowledge.

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A functional region is classified as distinct from other regions due to certain processes that take place within them.

Definition functional region. Identify the counties that overlap with the OECD functional urban areas defined by Census tracts. A functional region is an area organized around a central hub or focal point. The definition of a formal region refers to an area defined by official boundaries.

A functional region is an area organized to function politically socially and economically as a single unit. Functional Regions Functional Regions are designed by a system of interactions Picture a bicycle wheel with a central axle in the middle of the wheel which represents the center of all activity. A formal region also referred to as homogeneous region is an area where people share commonalities determined by facts such as language and climate.

Wikipedia Lexilogos Oxford Cambridge Chambers Harrap Wordreference Collins Lexibase dictionaries Merriam Webster. A shopping center surrounded by neighborhoods is one example of a functional region. The surrounding places depend on the central hub by political social and economic ties like trade routes radio and television networks internet connectivity and transportation.

Put simply a functional region is a defined geographical area centered around a specific focal point with a specific function. Typically travel-to-work travel-to-school flows and migrations are analysed by various methods of functional regional taxonomy in order to define functional regions. A functional region is identifiable through its central point which serves as a hub for the regions communication transportation or economic processes.

The geographically informed person must understand the origins and functions of regions. A region that is specifically divided or located for a function is called a functional region. A functional region is distinguished by a centralized hub with surrounding areas and structures that relate to a common activity.

Functional regions are often organized around a central point. This means they are areas that serve a certain function. A functional region is a type of region that is characterized by its function such as a drainage basin city-region or a metropolitan area.

It is thus a functional sub-division of territories. A region that is made up of different places that are linked and function as a unit. Compute the percentage of population in a functional urban area contained in a county.

The concept of self-containment remains the only crucial defining characteristic of a functional region. Regions are human creations used to manage and interpret the complexity of Earths surface. They help us understand and organize the arrangements of people places and environments.

The functional region is conceived as a general concept while its inner structure inner spatial flows and interactions need not necessarily show any regular pattern only selfcontainment. A functional region is a type of region that is characterized by its function such as a drainage basin city-region or a metropolitan area. Examples of functional regions include New York City and Los Angeles.

A functional region is made up of a specific location and area surrounding it. A formal region may include a city county state country or even a geographic region. English dictionary definition of region.

You can complete the definition of functional region given by the English Definition dictionary with other English dictionaries. A functional region is a territorial unit resulting from the organisation of social and economic relations in that its boundaries do not reflect geographical particularities or historical events. Formal regions are different from functional regions because functional regions often have a focal point such as a city that is the center of the region and the rest of the region is built around that focal point.

Functional regions are centered on a focal point that connects other areas by various systems such as transportation communication or economic activities. You are probably familiar with many functional regions. Search functional region and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso.

Therefore the definition of urban areas in the US already takes into account the following modification. Peoples lives are structured within multiple regions.

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