Which Of The Following Is True Of Annelids?

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Some annelids have parapodial gills. Which statement is true about Annelida and Mollusca.

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E They are grandchildren of 1 and 2.

Which of the following is true of annelids?. Nephridia in annelids help in the collection of waste material and excreting it through an opening in the body wall. Nematodes possess a closed circulatory system. Which of the following is the function of tubes in annelids.

In Annelida blood is pumped by A. All of the above. Individual 13 has the genetic condition.

Hiding out C. Which of the following statements are true. New metameres develop in the teloblastic growth zone.

Both nematodes and arthropods must molt in order to increase in size. It is uniformly segmented with short stiff appendages and soft flexible skin. The cuticle in nematodes lengthens as the animal grows.

They are not capable of locomotion because they lack true muscle tissue. Some annelids have parapodial gills. The oldest segments are just posterior to the prostomium.

Which of the following is true with respect to individuals 8 and 9. Like many molluscs annelid development usually involves a _____larval stage. It has a complete digestive system and a closed circulatory system plus multiple true coeloms.

A They are sisters to 10. They have an open circulatory system. A Oligochaeta B Polychaeta C Hirudinea leeches D all three of these E two of these Answer.

Spiral cleavage is a synapomorphy of Annelida Mollusca. Which of the following statements about annelids is true. They are prosomium truck.

They may use a gastrovascular cavity as a hydrostatic skeleton. The head of an annelid is the first true segment. Most gas exchange occurs as a result of diffusion of gases across the body wall and parapodia.

Both groups exhibit schizocoely. Nematodes are acoelomate whereas arthropods are coelomate. Most gas exchange occurs as a result of diffusion of gases across the body wall and parapodia.

Nephridia are present in most segments and constitute the excretory. C They are brothers to 6. Which of the following is not true a.

A trochophore larva arose independently in the two groups. In both groups the mesoderm originates from an outpocketing of the gut wall. Annelid phylum name Annelida also called segmented worm any member of a phylum of invertebrate animals that are characterized by the possession of a body cavity or coelom movable bristles or setae and a body divided into segments by transverse rings or annulations from which they take their name.

They have a true body cavity. Arthropods possess an open circulatory system. B They are twin brothers.

Their dorsal nerve cord begins anteriorly at suprapharyngeal ganglia. The description matches the characteristics of annelids A marine biologist dredges up a small animal from the bottom of the ocean. The oldest segments are near the anterior end.

KnowledgeComprehension 35 Of the annelid classes below which make castings that are agriculturally important. The common characteristics of annelids are as follows. They are primarily filter feeders.

Both a and b D. Which of the following statements about annelids is true. Select all that apply.

8 9 IO 55. Which term refers to an organism having a true body cavity. New metameres are added anterior to the pygidium.

The body is segmented internally as well as externally. D They are children of 2 and 3. KnowledgeComprehension 36 The name of which of the following annelid classes indicates the relative number of bristles chaetae its members have.

The anus of an annelid is located in the terminal portion of the body which is called the pygidium True or false. Which sensory organ of annelids is useful to borrowers A. Which of the following is a characteristic of an annelid.

Mobile polyps and sessile medusae. All of the above are correct. Annelids have a long cylindrical body.

Which of the following classes of Annelida are earthworms found. The body is divided into three sections. They have either or both of two body forms.

Annelids have a gut with mouth and anus.

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