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Of a plant fish etc Bred for aesthetic or decorative purposes. Used or grown for ornament.

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2002 HarperCollins Publishers 1995 2002.

Ornamental definition. Of or pertaining to ornament. In architecture and decorative art ornament is a decoration used to embellish parts of a building or object. A system category or style of such objects or features.

Used or grown for ornament ornamental plants. Large figurative elements such as monumental sculpture and their equivalents in decorative art are excluded from the term. Although flowering bulbs flower seed.

In contrast some gardens are established with the purpose of providing. The act of adorning. February 24 2021 Ornamental plants are plants which are grown for display purposes rather than functional ones.

Thats why in this article we will write about what is ornamental. Any adornment or means of adornment. Cut flowers can be included as ornamental plants.

A collection of fragile ornamentals kept in a glass cabinet. A bowl of ornamental china fruit The handles on each side of the box are purely ornamental they are for decoration only. Ornamental plants include all plants whether they are in the form of herbs vines shrubs or trees which people deliberately plant as components of gardens home gardens room decorations ceremonies components of make-up or clothing and as components of flower garlands.

A book on Gothic ornament. Those at locations like Versailles for example are extremely formal and elegant with a complex layout of. Ornamental plants are plants that are grown for decorative purposes in gardens and landscape design projects as houseplants cut flowers and specimen display.

Others about their ankles. While some plants are both ornamental and functional people usually use the term ornamental to refer to plants which have no value beyond being attractive although many people feel that this is value enough. The turf industry is also considered a part of ornamental horticulture.

Ornamental in this case means the visual appearance of a product. An ornamental design patent only covers the appearance of the product. Most material 2005 1997 1991 by Penguin Random.

Noun The garden has many beautiful ornamentals. Most ornament does not include human figures and if present they are small compared to the overall scale. Ornamental horticulture consists of floriculture and landscape horticulture.

Adjective Lanky ornamental grasses can guard you well and also dance languorously in the wind. Each is concerned with growing and marketing plants and with the associated activities of flower arrangement and landscape design. Ornamental adjective decorative pretty attractive fancy enhancing for show embellishing showy beautifying nonfunctional ornamental plaster mouldings Collins Thesaurus of the English Language Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition.

Adjective used or grown for ornament. By Cynthia Domenghini Ornamental landscaping serves the primary purpose of adding visually pleasing plants to the landscape. We shall leave to the reader to determine with what judgment we have chosen the several occasions for inserting those ornamental parts of our work.

A plant cultivated for decorative purposes. Ornamental trailing plant on a. Recent Examples on the Web.

Ornamental in American English 1. A utility patent protects the function and operation of an item. Ornamental gardens may be placed on a buildings roof to decorate an urban area.

Some think it most ornamental to wear their bracelets on their wrists. An ornamental design patent protects the design of a manufactured object. ˌɔːrnəˈment ə l beautiful rather than useful.

A person or thing that adds to the credit or glory of a society era etc. It is different from a utility patent. The layout of an ornamental garden can be incredibly varied depending on the climate the plants involved and the nature of the surrounding architecture.

The cultivation of ornamental plants comes under floriculture which is a major branch of horticulture Garden plants. An ornamental lake indicates where once was the moat but the outlines of the walls are shown only by grass-covered ridges.

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